Summerween: The Spooky Trend Taking Over TikTok

todayJune 29, 2024

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One of the biggest things I’ve been thinking about this week especially because it’s been on my TikTok is summerween. It is this concept of celebrating Halloween time festivities in summer and getting ready for the Halloween season and it is so cute I’m already kind of gettin’ the fall vibes on switch I’m kinda sad about as summer has just started but I love fall

The trend seems to resonate with those who can’t wait for the fall season to arrive. Many participants report that Summerween helps them cope with the bittersweet feeling of summer ending and the anticipation of autumn’s arrival. It’s a creative way to bridge the gap between seasons and extend the Halloween spirit throughout the year.

Activities associated with Summerween might include:

  1. Creating summer-friendly Halloween costumes
  2. Hosting spooky-themed pool parties
  3. Watching horror movies under the stars
  4. Decorating with a blend of summer and Halloween motifs
  5. Making “spoopy” versions of traditional summer treats

While some might argue that it’s too early to think about fall, Summerween enthusiasts counter that there’s never a wrong time to celebrate what you love. The trend also speaks to a broader cultural fascination with horror and gothic aesthetics that extends beyond the traditional Halloween season

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Written by: Eleni

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