Why Advertise on Yummy Hits Miami? 

Audio streaming has become omnipresent. It’s seamlessly integrated into your home, your vehicle, your workplace, your shopping experiences, and across online platforms. It stands as the most accessible and portable medium at your customers’ fingertips.


At Yummy Hits Miami, our focus is on informing, entertaining, and engaging our audience. Our talented hosts ensure a local touch, mirroring the interests of Miami’s residents and the various communities they represent every single day.


Yummy Hits Miami offers tailored opportunities to target specific audiences, catering not only through the type of advertisement—be it on-air or online via our website or social media platforms.


Yummy Hits Miami reaches audiences in various settings—be it in the car, at work, at home, or on mobile devices—connecting at relevant times and locations. This approach allows brand messages to resonate effectively. Broadcasting on multiple audio streaming platforms enables us to reach thousands of listeners on a daily basis.

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