Hawk Tuah’s Girl Haliey Welch Reportedly in Talks for Reality TV Show

todayJuly 7, 2024

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Hawk Tuah Girl Reportedly in Talks for Reality TV Show

Haliey Welch, better known as the “Hawk Tuah” Girl, might soon be trading in her viral fame for reality TV stardom. TMZ reports that the internet sensation is close to securing a deal that would bring her life to the small screen.

According to sources with direct knowledge of the situation, Welch has caught the eye of several Hollywood producers. These industry insiders are reportedly keen on creating a reality TV show centered around the life of the young woman who shot to fame with her distinctive catchphrase.

TMZ is reporting that big-name showrunners and producers are reaching out to people in Hailey’s orbit to discuss what kind of show they can create as a vehicle for her, shall we say, bubbly personality.

The potential move from Nashville to Hollywood represents a significant leap for Welch, whose southern charm and memorable “Hawk Tuah” exclamation made her an overnight internet sensation. Her viral moments have apparently translated into serious interest from television executives looking for the next big reality star.

TMZ’s sources say her viral fame isn’t the only factor drawing Hollywood’s attention. Producers reportedly find her relatable and humorous – traits she showcased during a recent appearance on a Barstool podcast with Brianna LaPaglia. This combination of viral appeal and genuine personality seems to be what’s driving the interest in bringing Welch to television.

While details about the potential show’s format or network are still under wraps, the mere fact that Welch is in talks for such a deal indicates the lasting power of viral fame in today’s media landscape.

If the deal goes through, Welch would join the ranks of other internet personalities who have successfully transitioned to traditional media platforms. This potential reality show could offer viewers an inside look at Welch’s life beyond the viral clips that made her famous.

As of now, neither Welch nor her representatives have publicly commented on these reports. Fans of the “Hawk Tuah” Girl will have to stay tuned to see if and when she makes her reality TV debut.

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